How would it be for you to feel more in control of your thoughts and emotions?

Notice a shift as you learn to integrate mindful & spiritual practices into your daily life!

“The American Psychology Association reports that studies show Mindful Counseling reduces rumination, anxiety, and stress; and it boosts working memory and focus!  You’ll also notice less emotional reactivity, more cognitive flexibility, and relationship satisfaction.”

With Soul Horizon Spiritual Guidance, you will:

  • Learn Strategies that work for You, 
  • Go at your Own Pace,
  • Turn your Fears into Strengths, 
  • Learn to Trust your Inner Wisdom, 
  • and Feel Empowered!

Enjoy a Complimentary 15 minute Phone Consult and Find Out if Spiritual Counseling is for You!

Which way do you see yourself working with me? You have options! We can work together in person, online, or over the phone.

In Person

Our session will last from 60-90 minutes it's up to you! Enjoy one on one counseling as you gently get to the root of what is keeping you in the presenting pattern. Learn strategies to help you unfold and blossom. Delve even deeper with a restorative Reiki session.

Craftsbury Common, VT

Online Video Chat

Live far away or have limited ability to venture out? You can enjoy a session via Zoom as if we are in same room! I've found great success with this method!

Over the Phone

Are you more comfortable over the phone? Feel empowered as you shed layers and step into your true way of being!


Soul Horizon

Access your inner wisdom; move out of old and into new ways of being with Spiritual Mentoring and Reiki.


Craftsbury Common, VT