Release your Fear and Anxiety as you Welcome the Light

With Soul Horizon Light Work, come Meet your Light Guides and Explore your Highest Essence


Light Guides

Light guides can be seen incarnated in human form.  Many of them have actually never lived in human form while others have completed their lifetimes. They use their divine light to clear away stuck energies in the aura and physical body. Unknown to you, these stuck energies may be from a past life! Be cleared, feel renewed, and radiate after a session with them!

Your Highest Essence...Your True Self

Our soul finds a home in the body while actually a small piece of it remains, connected by a thread, in the akasha. It is not encumbered with emotions.  It is pure and when we are in her presence our vibration elevates and we realize that the anxiety, depression, and fear we may be feeling is just a temporary state.  It will melt away as she shines her truth and helps us remain on our path.

Co-create an atmosphere for your healing sanctuary and be prepared to feel rejuvenated.

We are Never Alone

Everyone has a spirit guide unique to themself.  This spirit guide is always by our side and is usually a member of our soul family.  A soul family is a supportive group of 12-40 souls. We choose to reincarnate in the human body to help accelerate our lessons. Some souls remain in the Akasha to guide us from there while others are here in our everyday life. 

Contact me if you are curious to learn more and communicate with your spirit guide.

Soul Horizon

Access your inner wisdom; move out of old and into new ways of being with Spiritual Mentoring and Reiki.


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