When one dies traumatically, sometimes they go to a place that lies between the heavens and the earth

As a child I would go to the woods and sit on a bed of moss that looked like a throne. This was a magical place and time in my life. The animals scurried around and I’d energetically feel the trees as they shared their wisdom. I would speak my truths aloud and knew they had listened and felt comforted as I would hear an innate wisdom whispered throughout. Intuitively and through taking classes. Now I channel souls who have crossed over and also I communicate with higher dimensional beings. As part of my work here I help souls that died suddenly, who are ‘stuck’ in the layer between the heavens and earth.                                                                  

Crystalized Water

As I delved deeper into my study, spirit guided me to reach out and share my gift with you. If you think that you might want my help, contact me and we can decide if this is for you. I look forward to sharing my gift with you and your loved one.

Soul Horizon

Access your inner wisdom; move out of old and into new ways of being with Spiritual Mentoring and Reiki.


Craftsbury Common, VT