Access your Inner Wisdom & be in control of your happiness

Are you ready to let go of anxiety, depression, and self-doubt? Is there something in your way that you can’t see? 

Welcome to Soul Horizon, where  I can help you fulfill your dream of living a joyous life filled with happiness and self-love.

My name is Lisa-Anne Loucka, Reiki Master, Spiritual Guide, and Light Worker.

For years, anxiety felt like another limb I had to manage. Not knowing when my next seizure would come was large in my mind’s eye, leading to fear and depression. I lived in a fight-or-flight state that was reinforced by every seizure. I did not know that living in the present moment was even a possiblity.

I decided that I had to take action and learn how to live without fear controlling my life.  A mentor taught me mindfulness,  I recieved Reiki sessions, and then took Reiki classes. 

Now, I am here to tell you, from my first-hand experience, that it is possible to live without fear and depression. Join me, and let me help you access your inner wisdom, live courageously, and create your soul horizon. 


Have you ever felt that there is something missing? Have you wondered what it would be like to connect to a greater source? Or maybe correspond with someone about events that you’ve experienced and you now wonder what comes next?



Connect with spiritual energy and align with your true inner light.  Release old patterns of anxiety and depression as you embrace a peaceful, trusting, and balanced new you!  


Experience meeting your light guides and your highest essence! Co-create an atmosphere for your healing sanctuary and be prepared to feel rejuvenated.

“Recently I had my first Reiki treatment by Lisa-Anne Loucka. I had been ill for over six weeks, talked to five doctors, and had two emergency room visits. After a several tests they were unable to help me with my pain. I went to Lisa and quite frankly wondered why I had waited. When I left Lisa-Anne's table I felt completely different. My pain was gone and I felt whole. I went home and ate a normal meal something I had been unable to do for weeks. It was a beautiful and amazing experience. I was able to process so much during the session I was able to turn my deep grief into gratitude and to resolve my pain. I am now telling all my friends what a remarkable healer she is and would recommend her for many different situations from children to adult. I feel very fortunate to have her work on me and to help me where no medical people could.”

Are you ready to take this step for yourself? You don’t have to be an epileptic to work with me. If you or someone you know suffers from anxiety or depression then Soul Horizon can help. Take a deep breath and contact me to book yourself a 90 minute session. Work with me in person, over the phone, or online with zoom.

Take advantage of the free 15 minute phone consult to see if what I offer resonates with you! 

Soul Horizon

Access your inner wisdom; move out of old and into new ways of being with Spiritual Mentoring and Reiki.


Craftsbury Common, VT